Nutritional Score

Categorizing USDA Food Data and Providing NutriScore


We take user privacy seriously and want to make sure it's clear how we store and use your data. If you have any questions at all or want your data removed, just shoot us an email at Images: Currently all accounts on our platform are public. Think of it like a public Instagram account. All of your images are viewable by anyone. Please only use our beta if you are okay with sharing your awesome meal pictures with the world! Name and Email: We give you the option of providing a name and email. This is not mandatory and will only be used so we can contact you if we have questions about your data.

How do I view my data?

In the app! If you've submitted data you've been let in off the waitlist and should have beta access. Just open the app and go to my data to view all the info we have from you.

Can I delete my data?

Absolutely. Just open the app and any meals you want deleted can be removed right from the user interface.